Taemin please…..

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taemin learning gwiyomi from the fanclub president jonghyun~
Anonymous asked: What's his YouTube user name?

same as his twitter name

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My highlight of the day was that Jonghyun made his own YouTube channel just to post his video—

So. As a new subscriber I await the reaction videos to Taemin, more random Roo videos and a day in the life of KJH videos in the future

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Anonymous asked: what font do you use for the words on your gifs?

Mine’s called ADMUI2Sm but I absolutely don’t remember where I got it tbh LOL whoops you can always find pixel fonts like it on dafont T^T

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@realjonghyun90: Thank you to my colleagues and everyone who gave me courage to be able to take action. I hope this can become a video that will not just end with laughter, but deliver the essence of the cause. Please share your interest and love with not only those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, but the many people who suffer from illnesses.

Guys Jonghyun just nominated all the Jonghyuns

Hong Jonghyun (Actor&Model)

Choi Jonghyun (TeenTop)

Kim Jonghyun (NU’EST)

I just—

wet jonghyuns for a good cause

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