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[20 day SHINee challenge]© -day05- favorite song 
Get to know me meme
↳ [4/10] current celebrity crushes - Kim Jonghyun
221-222/300 pics of Everybody Era


girl group: *be successful*
people: tbh no one likes them and they’re only famous because they dress and dance like that also please stop doing cute and sexy concepts thanks

boy group: *fucks up*
people: first of all, oppa grew up in korea!!! stop saying bad things about him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!!!!! #notalloppas #staystrong #webelieveinyou

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Title: SHINee's Reaction to the Haunted House

Artist: SHINee

Played: 9901 times

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You, with an innocent face
You shake my heart and look for a chance~

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